Saturday, April 23, 2016

Team Update 4/23

In this semester, the Fail Safe team has taken on more than just the fabrication of the fail safes. Because the Intermediate Scale lacked a propulsion team, the Fail Safe team took on the task of creating a propulsion system for the bogie. Additionally, we took on the task of fabricating the bogie. At this time, all the components for the bogie and fail safes have been purchased. All components, excluding the fail safes, have been fabricated. Tack welding will be completed on 4/27. Full welds will be completed when steering, braking, propulsion, and suspension has their parts fabricated and test fitted onto the bogie, ensuring that no further changes will need to be made. In terms of the propulsion system, the motor has been purchased and it has arrived. The team is currently working on finalizing the design of the propulsion housing system to determine what other materials are needed. Once the wheel for the propulsion has been purchased, the housing system will be finalized. A basic design has been made, but the team has had some issue with the braking system design changing back and forth. With the arrival of the motor, propulsion will begin developing a code with the thought of potentially utilizing the motor's reverse function as a way to brake the bogie if necessary. The team is set to complete it's part of the project in terms of fabrication. We expect to fully focus on the code for the bogie in the coming week as fabrication will somewhat be halted until other team's components can be tested against the current fabricated design.

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